A New Improvement From Polin... Turkey's Biggest Fiberglass Pools Are Produced By Polin.


Polin, who has manufactured the first waterslides of the first aquapark in Turkey, continues with the new improvements and first-times in the pools sector with the recent projects it has accomplished for Adam & Eve Hotel.

Polin has produced Turkey's biggest fiberglass pools for Adam & Eve Hotel. 6000 m2 of fiberglass pool coating has been accomplished for this project via using different methods. The pools which have an area of less than 50 m2 were produced as modular pools in the factory and installed directly on site. The pools with bigger area than 50m² – including some with area of more than 1000m2- were established by coating the concrete grounds. Thus, Polin has manufactured the biggest fiberglass pools in Turkey for Adam & Eve Hotel as well as the waterpark project for this Hotel. Moreover, the fiberglass flower pots for Adam & Eve Hotel are produced by Polin with the latest RTM technology which is also used in space shuttle production worldwide. Another improvement that Polin has introduced with this project is vinylester application for the fiberglass pools to avoid water absorbtion.

Polin will be opening its new factory together with Gunsu in Antalya in 2007 and this new factory will be the biggest fiberglass pool manufacturing facility in the world. With the new factory, Polin aims to set up and continue its succes and leadership in fiberglass pool sector as well as waterslides sector.