Fipol Pool Catalogue 2008 has been released


Fipol; which is a partnership of Polin, the innovator of waterslides sector and Günsu, the leader of pool sector have released their first pool catalogue. This catalogue is the most comprehensive fiberglass pool catalogue that has been released in Turkey. It is named as “Fipol Pool Catalogue 2008”, consisting 16 pages and is supported by Fipol Technical Pool Catalogue and Fipol Pool Filter Catalogue which are in digital platform at the moment. The content of this catalogue is the information and solutions for customers about modular pools, mono block pools, pools for children, coated pools, waterslide landing pools, canyoning and custom designed pools which are all produced from GRP. With the release of this catalogue, most of the customer demands which have not been meet until today can be put to practice from now on. For more information about the pool catalogue and Fipol GRP pool production, you can contact us on info@fipol.com.tr