Norway & Sweden & Finland


Polin, which has a considerable market share in Scandinavian Countries, as in the other parts of the world, is undertaking new projects for the warm people of this cold region this year. Up to day, Polin, which achieved many different projects both in Sweden , in the region and in different parts of the world in cooperation with Swedish Malmsten, Kanab and Hydrosport Firms, continuously adds new projects to the ones that it carried out in this region by means of strengthening its cooperation with this Swedish Firm. This season, after Polin completed Ljungby Project, which is its first project in the region, neighboring countries will be the next.

BØ Sommarland AB, Norwegian waterparks chain, decided to enrich its leading facility Sommarland with Polin. Sommerland targets the greatest excitements, which can be experienced with only one slide by means of vast product range and creative design team of Polin. Tsunami Slide, which make you experience such an excitement alone, with its additional open flume part of 2 m. width and tube part of 2 m radius, prove that the Norwegians make the right decision by working with Polin.

Finland , another Scandinavian country, established cooperation with Polin for its three complexes, a waterparks chain. These three complexes, so-called Tropiclandia, Visulahti and Kesamaa, built in different parts of Finland , will be ready for the new season as being equipped with the products of Polin and being renewed. As a result of successful initiatives of Mr. Asım Karadeniz, who is the representative of Polin in Finland , it seems that much more complexes will meet with Polin products in this country in the coming days.