The Biggest Aquapark of Serbia Chose Polin to Expand!


Jogodina Aquapark, Serbia, that totals to 12,000 sqm space, opened in 2007. Being the Serbia’s largest waterpark, since the first day, the park opened its doors, the park became the entertainment center of the region. There are totally 7 rides at the park, together with a perfectly designed kids’ waterpark. Some of the slides at the park are: Body Slide, Wide Slide, Tunnel Body Slide, Multislide, Kid’s Freefall, Kid’s Wide Slide, Kid’s Body Slide... The Project team while working on Jagodina Project tried to make a design where the patrons of the park would feel relaxed and would find fun at the same time. While designing the park and choosing the slides, various factors like topography, climate, culture, capacity, environment are taken into consideration.

There is a wide range of waterslides according to every taste. Aquatower which is the interactive water play land of Polin, is located in the heart of the kids’ pool. Again located in the kids’ pool, you will see a lot of Polin classics like the Octopus Slide, Cobra Slide, Elephant Slide, Rabbit Slide, Penguin, Dolphin and the Mushroom. We have created a unique colourful play area for children where they will have great fun. After a very successful season, the expansion plan for Jogodina came into life in year 2008, by expanding the area of waterpark to 25,000 sqm.

Another favorite Polin slide is added to the park which is a Multislide. This interactive slide makes you enjoy the joy of “head to head” action. Multi Slide at Jogodina has a waterslide path of six lanes. Multi Slide is a real challenge of excitement, fun and competition. You slide down either with a standard mat or a head first mat. You can slide in your bathing suit as well. Jogodina is now complete with the addition of a Polin Multislide.

Polin is proud to share the honor of being chosen again as the waterslide manufacturer in the expansion plan in Jogodina.