The Biggest Waterpark of Ukraine, "Cape of Good Hope", Berdyansk, Ukraine


The Biggest Waterpark of Ukraine named "Cape of Good Hope", which is located in Berdyansk City of Ukraine, situated on an area of 50.000m2 and having all of its waterslides supplied by Polin, is expanding with Polin's waterslides again, getting bigger and much more entertaining!

Cape of Good Hope Waterpark opened two seasons ago, in the summer of the year 2006. The park opened its doors with in total 12 Waterslides for adults and 13 Waterslides and Animated Articles for kids. In 2006, the waterpark broke attendance records such that number of visitors reached to 3.000 visitors per day. As a result of continuous success in the waterpark in the summer season of the year 2006, the park management has taken decision in the beginning of 2007 to expand with new Polin slides. After another successful season passing in Berdyansk with again higher attendance records of 3.500 visitors per day in the summer of 2007, the new slides will be installed shortly and to be open to visitors in the summer of 2008.

The waterslides which Cape of Good Hope Waterpark chose to add in the waterpark for 2008 season are TurboLance & Tsunami which are extreme slides which will feel the riders high thrill, endless fun and high adrenaline and also ZEBRA Black Hole which is combined with a speed slide Flying Boat.

All these three slides are ending with dry out, without needing any pool. TurboLance which is starting at 11,60m platform level is going to feel the visitors high adrenaline & thrill the same as Tsunami slide which is starting at 10,00 platform level. Thus, Cape of Good Hope which has already Polin’s Wave Slide and Space Hole as extreme slides under its umbrella shall continue to create extreme fun for its visitors and to increase adrenaline, thrill and fun in the waterpark. In addition, the other new slide ZEBRA Black Hole starting at 15,00m platform level and having light effects on is a special Black Hole which is combining with a speed slide Flying Boat. On this slide, riders will have the pleasure of sliding both in a closed tube slide and on an open speed slide, respectively.

After installing the new slides, the waterpark is going to turn to be one of the biggest and most entertaining waterparks of Europe. Polin congratulates Cape of Good Hope Waterpark for their success in the past two years and wish them much more successful season with their new waterslides in 2008!

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