Two New Eu Members And Two New Records.


Hungary and Czech Republic, two of ten countries, which are going to be a member of EU on 1 st May 2004, added two more new records by means of Polin to their records related to tourist number increasing every year. Multislide Slide within Michal Sokolov Project, which will be opened in Prague , the capital of Czech Republic, in April, will be the longest one in its type in Europe with the length of 120 m.

The waterpark, which Polin built on a land of 350 acres in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, has become the biggest one in Europe. Aquarena, which is a big entertainment center with its approximately 30 slides, a number of pools, child animations, rivers, cafes and restaurants, had a raid of tens of thousands of visitors during the first months after its opening. Szucs Gyula, one of the owners of the enterprise, stated that they were hard pushed to give service to the visitors arrived, especially during Budapest races of Formula 1 and for this reason they wanted to add new units to the complex in year 2004.